Barnes International, LTD

Because Focus Brings  Success...

Project Advisory Services
Planning is the key to construction. In this capacity, Barnes International Residential & Commercial Development Division serves as the client’s project advisor and assists the client in managing their projects. As an experienced construction management firm, we provide invaluable insight to our clients that will ensure design and financial goals are met

Real Estate Construction & Improvement

Building Bridges to the Future. Barnes International Residential & Commercial Development Division will develop your existing projects. In this capacity, BI serves as the project manager and primary builder/developer of the project. Barnes International Residential & Commercial Development Division has built a reputation of delivering timeless architecture and quality craftsmanship on time and within budget. We provide the Rebirth of a dream leading to the Renaissance of entire communities. 

Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Building Bridges of Change. Barnes International Residential & Commercial Development Division has a portfolio of real estate opportunities where our potential clients serve as financier. The advantage of considering our existing projects is they are all at or near land recordation. In other words, our projects are ready to break ground and the upfront work of real estate has already been done, thus greatly reducing the risks and timeframe to potential profit.

Barnes International Residential & Commercial Development Division is a fully integrated real estate development, construction and management firm. This small minority, disabled veteran-owned business has successfully developed over 15 commercial, residential and community development projects valued at $38 million dollars. Barnes International Residential & Commercial Development Division brings to this engagement a proven 30-year track record of thoughtful community planning, meticulous design and expert construction. Over the years, our firm has maintained a consistent philosophy: deliver “Renaissance Communities” unique to each client and reflective of the positive influence the development will have on the local economy and community. Our approach of providing well-educated, highly capable people with proven best practices and methodologies has been the key to our history of success. In short, Barnes International Residential & Commercial Development Division develops more than land. We build “Renaissance Communities” which are affordable, socially responsible projects that add communal prosperity and economic benefit the community at large.

Technical Approach & Understanding of the Requirements.

 The challenges facing the Communities today are unlike those of yesterday, and must be addressed with innovative solutions and fresh thinking. We understand the needs of Communities first hand [i.e. the need to reduce dilapidated properties in this community] because we [the principles and personnel of BI are members of this community. We seek to solve this challenge of community enhancement by utilizing a four (4) phased approach (1. research, 2. acquire, 3. renovate, 4. transition) to goal satisfaction and creating “Renaissance Communities.” Furthermore, we understand curb appeal is a top priority on this project. Therefore, we will seek properties that give Communities the best “bang for the buck”. These are properties that are in need of major repair in neighborhoods that provide the highest visibility (on major thoroughfares or intersections with above average car and foot traffic) or on streets that are otherwise true representations of a Community. 

Past Performance. 

Barnes International Residential & Commercial Development Division through the extensive years of experience found within the senior executives leading this Division has successfully delivered results for multiple clients in both large residential and commercial development and construction projects. Our extensive client list ranges from community based organizations to local, State, DoD and Federal clients. This document details four widely different projects that demonstrate our leadership, responsiveness, creativity, and ability to produce results on highly different projects requiring community planning and development: The highlighted projects include: (1) Timberland Construction Custom Homes; (2) Largo Town Center Apartments; (3) The Marriott Hotel - Washington DC; (4) The Henson Valley Montessori School.
These examples demonstrate our expertise, teamwork, ability to complete complex projects, produce high-quality results and deliverables on schedule and within budget.